Sunday, August 28, 2005

When Pigs Fly

We had dinner tonight at my best girlfriend's home. We've been friends for almost 20 years now, KC and I... and I've been friends with her husband for even longer. Their children are our godchildren and we get some pretty funny stories about the kids day-to-day lives.

My goddaughter is 12... almost a teenager and very much a drama queen. I call her Sweet Pea. Once she got old enough to understand that a sweet pea is a flower and not sweet "pee", she decided she liked her nickname from me!

My godson is 5. I call him Monster Boy. Not because he is one, but because it was an affectionate name that my own sweet Daddy used to call each of us. Monster Boy doesn't realize that this is a name of affection yet, he just looks at me like I'm a little silly and says, "I'M not a monster!" He has an adorable lisp, but it's fading. Someday he won't say it as "monser."

KC has always enjoyed teasing her kids. When they want something they can't have, instead of just saying "no", KC will usually say to go over to the window... look outside... and tell her if pigs are flying. It's always been humorous. Usually gets a good eye-roll from Sweet Pea and the understanding that the answer is no.

Tonight, Monster Boy wanted a treat just before dinner. KC told him to go over to the window... look outside... and tell her if pigs were flying. We went back to conversation, forgetting that this was the first time she had said this to Monster Boy.

In the middle of our conversation, Monster Boy comes running back to announce, "There's no pigs ANYWHERE out there Mom!"

He was a little embarrassed when we all broke out laughing. Good thing that 5-year-olds get over that quickly.

It was a great evening of wonderful food, time with friends who are family and laughter.

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Eleanor said...

I have found that if you pay them a quarter to say words cute that way they'll do it for the rest of their lives. ;-)

Hey! Ya gets what ya pays for!