Monday, August 29, 2005

Diverse day

It's been another interesting day with many diverse thoughts.

Several friends been pretty close to the path of Hurricane Katrina. I fretted about them quite a bit. Each has checked in and each is doing well. The one closest to the storm had a huge tree fall, just missing her home. The others have had tornado warnings all day long. I am just happy the storm didn't hurt my friends.

It's end of month at work. Chaos. One co-worker dared to call in sick... saying she'd be in tomorrow. Yeah, right. Her pattern is to call in sick on Monday, say she will be in on Tuesday... and take the entire week off, never really 'fessing up to what was wrong with her... but always having a lovely new wardrobe.

Upcoming long weekend... earlier this summer, we planned to go away for the long Labor Day weekend, but realized that we might not be able to do so with my husband's job situation. Put it on the back burner and gave up the idea. Today, we made reservations for a romantic getaway! I'm already planning for our time together away from home and the stresses of life.

Quilting... YES! After work and dinner, I came into my sewing room and got lost in my first quilt project. Oh... this is such fun! I've got the quilt top about 2/3 done and might even finish the top tomorrow. Already I am tickled with how pretty it is!

Sleep... oh, yeah, that sleep thing. Maybe, just maybe, this quilting bug is a good thing for relaxing me, relieving stress and letting me release creative energy... and allow me a good night's sleep.

May there be mercy on my sleep tonight...

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