Thursday, December 27, 2012


What a grand adventure we are having! So much to tell when we get home. 

...may there be mercy as we continue this joyous celebration. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

all aboard!

Knitting on the Coast Starlight. Meeting people and hearing stories.

 How cool is this?!

...may there be mercy in the community of travelers. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Train trip, all first class. Excited beyond belief for the trip and for the fact of celebrating 25 years married to the Man.

He's definitely worth it. :-)

...may there be mercy and joy as we travel.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

random oddities

Random thoughts as I drove home late tonight...

-8 working hours until vacation!
-what should I have for lunch tomorrow?
-don't forget to call Kim. 
-why are the trees in the Veteran's section of the local cemetery decorated so festively for Christmas?

What? Wait. Really? 

Yep, the trees in the cemetery are all lit up and festive and it kind of was freaky. I mean, it's not like I'm going to go over there and put presents for my in-laws under those trees, even if they are both buried right next to them. Why the festive setup in a cemetery? It just feels a little odd to me. 

Not trying to change it, just a really random odd moment there in my musings on the few working hours left before vacation.

...may there be mercy in the random odd moments.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Tomorrow is my birth father's 87th birthday. While I do love him, I've been dreading calling him for a couple weeks now. Sad, but true.

I knew he would ask about my brother, Buddy.

How do you frame an answer that doesn't sound horrible and horribly sad when heroin is involved? Reality is that we simply live our lives while we wait for "that" phone call. 

So, about an hour ago, I bucked up my courage, dialed the number and began a pleasant birthday call, hoping this would be the time that he wouldn't ask about Buddy.


After a few minutes, it came. As gently as is possible, and in a lighter tone than my heavy heart feels, I gave him a review of Buddy's current condition and recent hospital stay. It was hard, but right. 

We talked about Buddy's choices in life, then moved to the harder thought that probably soon, I will be calling again to tell him that the drugs finally win. He took the conversation better than I thought he would. 

But my heart is hurting and so heavy tonight.

...may there be mercy and peace as I continue to hold hope for Buddy. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012


A few months ago, thanks to Caleisha over at Apt 203, the 3rd Sunday of each month became a Crafternoon with my friend Kim. 

Today has been a wonderfully relaxing time that included peppermint mochas, lots of good conversation, lunch and laughter. Not to mention progress on our projects.

Kim's project was to cut out and get started sewing an adorable apron for her son's girlfriend. She used a fun fabric with cupcakes on it as the main fabric, together with a corresponding striped fabric that set off the cupcakes beautifully. Since the recipient is a baker, with cupcakes as a specialty, this is going to be a lovely Christmas gift.

My knitting project was a very quick and cute set of cabled boot cuffs for me. I recently made a nice cowl out of the same yarn, so these will be fun to wear. Will get a picture up later this week.

Crafternoon. It's not really about the projects that we bring to the day. It's all about relationship, being able to spend time together, talking while doing things we love.

...may there be mercy in the simple joy of time with a precious friend.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Right now, I knit a lot. yeah, I know I've said that, but it's more than Christmas gifts.

It's a time wherein I can think through all the issues that have impacted me over the last couple years and work through the resultant clinical depression. 

Yes, clinical depression.

I know I've alluded to having had a hard time, and I don't plan to go into the depth of the issues that have gotten me here. It's enough to admit to depression for me.

Most folks who see me in real life don't see it. I hide it very well. Too well, sometimes, for my own good. Thankfully, I let a couple people far enough in that I didn't get to the brink. Unfortunately, by the time I let them in, I could see it.

Being one who cannot take antidepressants, therapy is my option. I hooked up with a very good counselor who has helped me work through quite a bit.

Last night, I turned a big, and very important, corner. 

While I'm not there yet, and have significant work to do yet, I can see healthy in the distance again.

I'm grateful.

...may there be mercy and deep healing in this process.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

knitting time

Lately my after work time is totally taken with knitting. No pictures to post at this time. Christmas gifts, after all. Soon. I'm diggin' how some of these have turned out.

But for now, I've got to get to work!

...may there be mercy in the love knit into gifts.

Monday, December 03, 2012


Next month will be our 25th wedding anniversary. I'm grateful that we can say we got here!

In a couple weeks, we are taking a train trip to celebrate. We've been anticipating this trip for a year now. 

It's not about the destination. It's all about the time on the train and being together, traveling first class.

Amtrak's Coast Starlight runs between Seattle and Los Angeles. Glorious scenery along the entire route. Traveling first class will give us a (tiny) private bedroom with a bathroom. We will have a private parlor car with a bartender, comfy seats and a fantastic view. The parlor car includes the opportunity to chat with others as we desire.  Chatting with other travelers is appealing to both of us.

Traveling first class also gives us all our meals in the dining car. Linens, china, silver and excellent food, all while enjoying a lovely view. It sounds fabulous to me.

It's not about the destination. It's all about the time on the train, being together, celebrating 25 years.

...may there be mercy in our excitement and anticipation.

Sunday, December 02, 2012


It's been hard to get myself to church this year. Looking back at my calendar, it shows that I actually made it there only 8 times, although I did "attend" and worship via the online service a number of times. Today was one of the times I was able to make it.

It was good.

...may there be mercy as I continue to reflect on what I learned. 

Saturday, December 01, 2012


Having had an extremely busy time the last couple weeks, it's good to be able to take a very lazy Saturday morning for myself. A jammies day is sometimes just necessary.

Although I do believe that I'll exert myself enough to knit.

...may there be mercy and refreshment in the down time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



 It's an interesting word. It's also an interesting process when knitting. 

A process that I taught myself this evening. If I had not been interrupted, the cowl would have been done in 3.5 hours, including the video tutorial, cast on, knitting the pattern and bind off. 

Due to the normal things that but into our fun time, I'm hoping to finish in the morning before work. We shall see what the morning brings.

...may there be mercy in the progress of the clicking of the needles...

Monday, November 26, 2012


After a week of being deliberately thankful each day, I find it hard to write anything today. So here are the bits and pieces...

Work was a difficult place to be. Not just because of the return after holiday weekend, but broken promises and a serious lack of respect in conversations between coworkers makes it hard to be glad to be there.

Amtrak vacation package vouchers arrived for our upcoming anniversary trip.

Monday knitting nights allowed progress on a Christmas gift.

Two out of three ain't bad.

...may there be mercy and focus on the two or better.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


This week of expressing thanks has been good for me. Of course there are many things for which I am thankful. There is definitely an abundance in my life.

Today, I'm thankful for home.

We had a lovely trip and enjoyed our time with friends so much. The long drive was easy and smooth, each way. 

But it is always good to be home, in my own space.

...may there be mercy and productivity in our return to normal life, post holiday.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

small people

While at our friend's home, stories and laughter abound. As we linger over coffee, the little ones decide to both crawl up into my lap together.  Both want to snuggle with me at the same time. Sweetness and peace seep into my spirit in  the unspoken trust and love, demonstrated in their sprawling comfort and whispered confidences. 

...may there be mercy in the sweetness of a child's love and trust. . 

Friday, November 23, 2012


We are in Portland for the Thanksgiving weekend. While here, I am reminded of how certain traditions will serve to ground me in who I am. These traditions can ease the aches and dark places that have been difficult in any year and I am thankful for them all. Both the silly and serious traditions, they work in my heart and make me glad.

...may there be mercy and joy in the continuity.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for all the usual suspects, of course. 

But the highlighted point  of thanks for today is friends who have become family by choice. You know who you are. Thanks for loving me, baggage and all. 

...may there be mercy in the grace and love of chosen family. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today's thankful moment is about one of those things that I am not truly thankful for, but am deliberately choosing to be thankful despite myself.


Last night, while with a new small group from my church, I cried. Most folks don't find this to be unusual behavior, and will shed tears when appropriate. But for me, it is one of the biggest things on my list of things I hate to do. It is rare for me to do this, I simply don't cry in front of people.

Oh, I might get misty-eyed, but actual tears running down the face, nose running, unable to speak type crying, nope.

It's an obvious step in the right direction for my healing that I could not hold back tears last night, and with this group.

...may there be mercy and gratitude for healing tears.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

yay moment

Today's thankful moment... goddaughter is home from college for a very brief visit. Mostly to see the dentist. But she wants to spend time with me, so I'm taking her out to lunch to celebrate her birthday next week.

...may there be mercy in the celebration of someone I love dearly.

Monday, November 19, 2012


The past 18 months have been hard. Really hard. So this week I want to focus on just taking moments and being thankful.

My office has recently hired a young woman to do our outside courier work.

I used to have to cover the afternoon portion of this job twice a week. The car is hard to get in and out of, so my back and hip hurt constantly for a very long time. 

  Being pain free again is so lovely.

...may there be mercy as I move freely again.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I did some writing this week for friends. It was a description of my recent trip to San Diego to visit family. 

It made me realize how much I've missed writing in the last year or so.

So hello again, little blog. I've missed you. No promises of daily writing for now, but it won't be long till I am back with more.

...may there be mercy as I contemplate what to write.