Sunday, January 28, 2007

date day

I've got a date with my sweet husband today! Yay! We're going to take our cameras out on this gloriously sunny day and see if we can find some eagles. We've been hearing that there are a bunch of them out upriver from us.

...may there be mercy and many fun date days.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Busy... covering for others at work... tired... really, really tired.

...may there be mercy and strength for each day's need.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

busy, busy

A few minutes ago, I got my third email checking on me since I've been absent from posting here for the last couple weeks. Wow... and thanks for caring my sweet friends.

We're okay! Busy with normal life, normal lack of sleep, work, and I have to confess to some quilting in my newly re-done Quilting Studio.

Thankfully the "busy" has just been the normal busy-ness of life and not the busy-ness of added stressful issues in life. After how stressful it was for us last year, we are really hoping for a break from some of those things for a while!

The rest of this weekend is still busy, but I'm thinking that I'll be back to a more normal blogging schedule soon.

...may there be mercy and blessings on my caring friends.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

wild and glorious ride

Normal life - it's a wild and glorious ride full of ups, downs, happy days, sad moments, trials, joys, tears and laughter. Today marks 19 years of taking this riotous ride with my sweet husband... wow!

I am constantly amazed that he still loves me, and at how that love is demonstrated each day. He is an awesome gift to my life.

Happy anniversary, my love. Even though conflicting work schedules won't allow us more than a quick kiss good bye this morning and to say a sleepy good night (maybe) tonight... I'll hold you in my heart all day and be warmed by your love.

...may there be mercy and a very long wild ride.

Monday, January 01, 2007

before and after

The makeover of functional but cluttered sewing room into a Quilting Studio that is organized, functional and inspires creativity is done for now. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! My friend KC absolutely ROCKS! Still need a couple things…
  1. a curtain rod to hang the window curtain.
  2. one blank wall is waiting for a quilt to be hung and that one is one that KC made me. Just needs a little bit more to be completed so I can hang it.
  3. need to “build” the hanger for my very heavy, very solid ironing board. Have the board and hooks, need to paint the board and then assemble the whole thing behind the door.
  4. need to find a small bulletin board that I can post info on classes I’d like to take and the supply lists.

Here are before and after pix… tried to take these pictures from the same angles, etc. to show the massive contrast!

This is taken from the doorway.

This is taken from the window looking at the sewing area.

This is taken from the sewing area, looking at the closet wall. Above is before, below is after. You can see above the computer is the space waiting for the wine themed quilt from KC.

...may there be mercy and much time for creativity.