Monday, January 01, 2007

before and after

The makeover of functional but cluttered sewing room into a Quilting Studio that is organized, functional and inspires creativity is done for now. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! My friend KC absolutely ROCKS! Still need a couple things…
  1. a curtain rod to hang the window curtain.
  2. one blank wall is waiting for a quilt to be hung and that one is one that KC made me. Just needs a little bit more to be completed so I can hang it.
  3. need to “build” the hanger for my very heavy, very solid ironing board. Have the board and hooks, need to paint the board and then assemble the whole thing behind the door.
  4. need to find a small bulletin board that I can post info on classes I’d like to take and the supply lists.

Here are before and after pix… tried to take these pictures from the same angles, etc. to show the massive contrast!

This is taken from the doorway.

This is taken from the window looking at the sewing area.

This is taken from the sewing area, looking at the closet wall. Above is before, below is after. You can see above the computer is the space waiting for the wine themed quilt from KC.

...may there be mercy and much time for creativity.


SuziQoregon said...

Fabulous!! Now make something for YOU!!!!

Carrie said...

It's such a transformation and so conducive to being creative..

Bet you can't wait to get started!!!

Loves ya

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Oh wow! OMG, I am so in love with this room!

You and KC rock!

Enjoy your new creative space!


Lynne said...

Great makeover. You should be on Trading Spaces. Have fun in your new room.

sen5ei said...

whoa! let the creativity begin

Scoot said...


I love the design wall. Where did you get the sewing table?

Happy Sewing.


auntie-c said...

Thanks everyone! I'm loving just sitting in here thinking about quilting!

Jennifer Olwin said...

Whoa, does that ever look great! What a fabulous workspace. I hope you enjoy many a happy hour working in there.