Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wordless wednesday

driftwood on beach

photo ©auntie-c

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

time with friends

Sitting in a gorgeous mountain lodge with a nice glass of wine and a few good friends, lots of laughter and great conversation... lovely, lovely.

My precious friend from Florida, Melissa, and her delightful husband Tom, decided to come here to the PNW for their vacation. Juli, Carrie, Marla and I got to join them for a long weekend in this amazing cabin near Leavenworth. Since it is Carrie's anniversary weekend, not to mention it would be nice for Tom not to be the lone man here, her husband, Darren, joined in the party.

This a a great mix of folks with whom to have total fun.

We have enjoyed great food and wines, laughed until we cried, talked about more serious issues until we had moments of clarity and everything in between. And of course, 7 people, 6 laptops, 4 iPhones, 3 blackberries, 5 cameras. At times we have been all sitting in the same room, each with our respective feet up and each one on a laptop while conversation flies throughout the room.

It's been awesome fun!!

It's also been so very good for me personally.

These friends allow me to be exactly who I am without censoring myself in any way. We may not agree completely on religion, politics or other issues, but there is a level of love that surpasses those differences.

...may there be mercy in the joy my friends bring to my life.

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poster a museum of flight

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

almost there!

In just a shade over 2 hours, I will reach the half-century mark.

50. Years. Old.


If I didn't have to get up so early, I'd stay up till midnight just for the fun of it.

...may there be mercy and joy in the celebrations as they continue!