Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Time for Me

I do things for everyone, it seems, and there isn’t much time that is dedicated just for the sole purpose of fun for me. Sounds selfish to want time for fun for ME. But I don’t get much of that kind of time. During the workweek, my schedule consists of:

…get up and exercise, but that’s so NOT fun. I actually consider exercise to be 2 four-letter words shoved together and shouted to make me miserable. I don’t enjoy it and when I’m done, the only thing good that has happened is that it’s over!

… go to work. Well, that’s certainly not dedicated to fun. I like my job and what I do ... I like getting a paycheck… and I like most of my co-workers, but it’s not dedicated to fun for me.

… errands on lunch hours… enough said there!

… come home and cook dinner, only to clean up afterward… again, not fun except during the weekends when we can have friends over and I just putter in the kitchen.

... helping my blessed father-in-law with things in his home…

… visiting my sweet mother-in-law who lives in a nursing home because she has Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t know who I am, but is always nice to me.

… straighten up the house and then collapse for just a few minutes of conversation with my husband before we head to bed… only to start it all over again in the morning.

Not much time for fun for me in the workweek, eh? I also squeeze in time for any friends who are having a hard time with life, needing to talk or needing physical help.

Weekends are spent trying to get projects done around the house, church on Sunday and trying to fit in time with our cameras if the light is right. If at all possible, I love to sew, but lately it hasn’t been possible.

Where is the time for fun for me?

Scheduling time with girlfriends is hard since they all have kids and we don’t. They all think I live this great free-wheeling lifestyle with no stress since we don’t have kids. While there are plusses to our life, not having children certainly wasn’t what we wanted… and our stress levels are quite high with health issues for us and for our aging parents… not to mention the myriad etcetera in the stress factors.

So… where is the time for fun for me?

It takes a lot of planning for me to be able to have dedicated time for “me” fun. Planning and flexibility with other people’s schedules. Sometimes it just feels like too much work to get any fun out of the deal! But… in spite of it all…

… right now I’m planning some fun for me… and a complete 10 days of it. It will take all of the remainder of my vacation time for the year, but will be so worth it.

The planning alone is giving me some fun.

The anticipation is lovely.

I can hardly wait for the time to arrive.

… some time for me….

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