Thursday, August 25, 2005

Outside my office window

Interesting things happen outside my office window.

I have a desk in the corner of the office... and the blessing of not only 1, but 2 windows. The light pours in year round. I love it.

It's a fairly private little spot as far as customers are concerned. They come into our lobby and cannot see me. Others great them and help them. I happen to like this arrangement because it allows me to concentrate and get a lot of work done.

But... as they walk from the parking lot to the front door, they pass by my windows. Interesting things happen outside my office window!

There are the couples that are obviously very young and purchasing their first home. I can see the excitement on their faces and the thoughts of how it will be... once they have moved in and claimed it as "home".

There are people who have been in financial trouble and are refinancing their existing home. Their faces are sullen, sometimes hopeful and sometimes sad. They are hoping for a fresh start, but not certain things will really work out.

I see customers who live in my community, who smile and wave at me as they pass by.

There are couples in the middle of a fight. I can see their ongoing arguments and the anger, even though I cannot hear the words.

I see ambulances and fire trucks and police cars racing down the boulevard... and pray for those on the other end of their hurried flight.

There are people who use the pay phones in the gas station next door to the office. Some are families in transit and some are obvious drug dealers.

The Fed-Ex lady, who will one day hit my desk with her truck since she drives so fast in our parking lot. I swear she is gonna come through the building and hit me.

One day I looked up to see a guy picking his nose!

Another day, I looked up and smiled at the customer... only to have him wink at me.

I see the trees changing with the seasons. The rain pouring down or the sunshine bathing me in pure light.

Interesting things happen outside my office window.

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