Saturday, August 27, 2005

Creative blocks

This morning I started to write about creative blocks. I have some lovely, hand painted denim fabric on my sewing table. I keep it there until I can decide what to do with it. It’s a gift from a dear, dear friend and I want to actually use it on a something for myself.

Normally I am fairly creative, can just look at something and know pretty much what to do with it. This fabric has me stumped.

It feels silly to me. It really shouldn’t be quite so difficult to decide on what project to place this fabric.

But… this fabric is special to me, and therein lies the difference. Most fabric I purchase or cut from old clothes that no longer fit, but I still like the pattern. This one, I didn’t purchase. This one was done special, with someone thinking of me while she painted it!

The lady who painted it for me is one of those special people in life. Funny, charming, loving, compassionate, supportive, encouraging and a sense of humor that won’t quit.

And, amazingly, while we have corresponded almost daily for over 2 years, and we talk on the phone weekly, we have never met. I am blessed to count her among my dear, dear friends. Someday we will meet… and I look forward to that time!

Now, the difficulty has become obvious to me. I have too many choices of things I could do with this fabric.

I can add it into a quilt and hang it on my wall.
I can make pillows with it and enjoy them in my living room.
I can add it to my denim jacket, making a one-of-a-kind piece.
I can make a tote bag with it for my day-to-day things to take to work.

The possibilities are endless with a lovely piece of hand-painted fabric.

Breaking the creative block has become a necessity in my heart! I want to use this fabric and soon!

So I went to a fabric store today and spent quite a bit of time talking with the owner. What a fun place! Since I already sew, my next goal is to begin quilting. That was the real purpose of the visit to the fabric shop. To talk about classes and supplies and how-to and… buy the items for a first project!

The creative block had me stumped on getting started on a quilting project, too.

But that visit to the fabric shop made the difference. My creative juices are flowing. I am seeing projects in the existing fabrics on my shelves. I have a better idea what I will do with my hand-painted fabric.

The shopkeeper helped so much! I now have a book, the fabric and the tools to start my very first quilt. It is a gift to myself and will hang in my home. The fabric has been washed and is waiting for me to begin cutting…

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