Friday, August 19, 2005

The Friday Song

When I still lived in San Diego, there was a great radio station that had a contest every Friday.

IF you knew all the words to The Friday Song and IF you could be the right caller, you would win a prize.

I always tried, since I knew the song, but I was never the right caller.

I still sing The Friday Song because it’s such a cute little tune and because it just cheers everyone up.

♫ Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day ♪
♪ Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day ♫
♫ Monday is a bummer…♪
♪ Tuesday’s only fair…♫
♫ Wednesday’s gettin’ better…♪
♪ Thursday’s almost there, but…♫
♫ Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite, ♪
♫Friday is my favorite, ♫
♫ Friday is my favorite day ♪

My co-workers wait for me to walk by on Friday mornings…

♫ Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day ♪

“OH! I was waiting for you to come and sing to me!”

I have friends all across the country who have made me call their cell phones and leave them voicemails with The Friday Song… so they can save the message to play every Friday.

It’s become quite a fun phenomenon for me. Who gets to hear The Friday Song … live… this week?

Gotta love a silly little ditty that brightens up everyone’s day.


Judy said...

I *love* the Friday song! It's not Friday until I read it!

Coli said...

When I was about 5 years old I called Star 101.5 KPLZ and sang this song! They played it on the radio for a long time! This would have been around 1991 or so!

Jess Vick said...

Oh my word Coli! That must be where I know that song from. I used to live in Seattle and listened to KPLZ all through high school. I graduated in '92 and I am sure I heard you sing that song many times. How funny! I still post that as my facebook status just about every Friday!

MaKayla LaRee said...

My orchestra teacher plays the song every week on the piano! I want the fun chords to do so myself. NO luck!

Coli said...

OMigosh I didn't see your response till now Jess!! Any relation to Jed or the Vick's in Mill Creek? That's so crazy!!! That was me!!