Friday, December 09, 2016

random Friday thoughts...

Sleep is glorious. Don't ever take it for granted.

Sleep last  night... glorious. I do not take it for granted and pray it happens again tonight. :-)

Amusing moment of the week: the elderly lady who called our office today, upset because her granddaughter had not left her the bottoms of her long underwear and she was cold. She wanted us to call her son to make the granddaughter bring them.

Proud of our receptionist who is kind enough that she called the son. She is a kind soul, and I was reminded that I should be that kind.

Our office Christmas party is tomorrow night. It will be late evening for us, and the Man doesn't do as well later in the evening, but we are going. Should be fun, and am hoping he does well despite the nighttime difficulties of cognition.

In the realm of ridiculous.... I'm still struggling with what I'm going to wear to the party Ugh. That whole gained weight and nothing fits thing happening here. Did go shopping during lunch today. Found a couple tops that might work with dressy pants. And maybe I'll just wear that great cocktail dress I have if it isn't too cold.

And... the Man needs me to be on routine and bedtime was about 30 minutes ago... so blog posts will probably end abruptly, without fully finished thoughts. But getting something out is good. Dementia changes everything.

... may there be mercy in the random, and something to wear to a party for my vanity...

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