Sunday, December 25, 2016

joy filled heart

christmas weekend has been filled with moments of great emotion... mostly joy.

Oh, I don't mean that over-the-top-crazy thing, but that deeply felt and deeply cherished joy, that is so intimately personal, sometimes other folks don't see it for what it is.

But I know it when I feel it.

And it's felt when the Man has several great days in a row... his focus is sharper, conversation clearer and more concise, understanding shines in his eyes, and he pops out one-liner jokes right and left, engaging all in the laughter.

It's felt when I am surrounded Christmas weekend by the men I call my extra brothers. Those men who are willing to have a depth of friendship, usually reserved for siblings, that has nothing to do with sexual attraction, and everything to do with being a brother who loves.

It's felt when my godson gets off a plane, after having spent an amazing week at Disney with his mom and sister, but jumps in his car to drive over an hour to be with his dad... and us... on Christmas. When he arrives, his hug hits my heart in deep and wonderful ways.

My heart is full today, of deep joy... and I am thankful.

...may there be mercy, and great joy for you...

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