Wednesday, December 07, 2016

commodity of sleep

Mercy on my day started as a prayer for sleep.

Sleep is a hard won commodity around this house. Between the issues of 2 sleep disorders for me, and the issues of dementia and medication nightmares combined with sleep apnea for the Man... well, suffice it to say again, it's a hard won commodity here to have a good night of sleep.

Last night was not a good night of sleep, dangit.

Being a childless couple, without any family in the local area, all caregiving falls to me. In my research of local resources for caregivers, there are a lot of them available... but anything overnight at this point will fall to me.


In these earlier stages of dementia, this is pretty normal. Nights where he gets up frequently to use the bathroom, followed by nightmares that are only eased by me speaking softly and holding him close, then leg cramps, ending with a struggle for both of us to get out of bed when it's time to get up.

One night isn't too bad, anyone can get by on a less than stellar night of sleep for a day. It's the days on end that are harder... at this point we are 9 days into a string of bad nights.

Tonight while I'm writing, I'm also chatting with the Man... and I just made the mistake of mentioning the wrong thing... stuff my doctor said today about options for my injured achilles tendon... which may just keep him awake again tonight.

I'm already praying that sleep will happen quickly after I sign off here. The lack of sleep is hitting both of us kind hard.

... may there be mercy and real sleep, for several nights.

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