Saturday, December 10, 2016

lazy thoughts over coffee

Again... sleep is glorious!

And 2 nights of real sleep is enough to make me feel much more like myself. We're being lazy over Saturday morning coffee, and I'm taking a mental note of my depression level. Lifted, thank God!

So far this morning, we have had a time of just snuggling in bed, chatting about the day and then managed to finally get up at 8. Felt pretty decadent to me, as our usual get up time is 5:30. Since there is a late evening planned, the gift of sleeping in is a good thing.

Tonight is my office Christmas party. This one is a pretty big deal. It's the first time ever that all 5 offices will celebrate together, and the entire board of directors is also joining us. We've always had separate parties, but this year they are trying to help change the "our office/your office" mentality and move to a more unified staff. I'm hoping they can pull it off, as I really like the folks from other offices that I know. It will be good to get to know some of the others.

Hardest thing about this party is that old vanity issue of what to wear. I've gained a lot of weight over the last 18 months. Not much fits or fits well. Vanity, I know. While they are "suggesting" business or business casual attire, the place where the party will be held is pretty nice. To me, that says cocktail dress. Especially with the board of directors being there.

But it's cold outside!

How cold it is, not to mention rainy, tells me to be smart and wear slacks with a dressy top and my really sexy boots.

But I love the idea of getting to wear one of my lovely cocktail dresses, as very little happens here that allow for dressy stuff like this.

Both the dresses I have that still fit and look good on me are sleeveless. Figuring out how to keep myself warm enough will be the issue of the day. I think I've got a dressy wrap still that will work. Deciding which shoes will work with a cocktail dress is a whole 'nother issue. Both really look fabulous with my high heeled rhinestone sandals, but that ain't happenin' in this weather!

... and I do know how ridiculous this blog post about may vanity and what to wear is,  as there are so many bigger and more important issues out there. But here we are today, and it's my lazy thoughts over Saturday morning coffee...

And at this point, I'd best go start my day so that I can figure out what we both will wear. Soothe the Man's fears about forgetting his words during the party when he doesn't know everyone, and enjoy this day.

...may there be mercy and joy today in celebrations...

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