Tuesday, December 13, 2016

achilles woes

At this moment, there are 60 working hours until vacation. And that's it for this year.

oh... yay... oh... yay!!!!

Morning will see another Traumeel injection for my Achilles issues. The first one seemed to help, and the second is supposed to show me if this is the right course for the injury. If so, we will continue with the injections for a while to get this thing healed. If not, I'm done as surgery is not an option I can pursue.

If not, I will live with pain for an indefinite period of time... long term.

surgery will require not putting my foot on the ground for about 8 weeks.

no driving
no walking
no weight at all

With the Man not driving... not possible
With our laundry stuff in the garage, down 3 steps... not possible
With me working... not possible

There are a lot of not possibles in a surgical scenario.

... may there be mercy and healing, fast healing...

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