Thursday, December 15, 2016

lather... rinse... repeat, plus a bit more...

Today saw a repeat of the confused time for the Man... at the same time of day as yesterday, but at least a friend had suggested a potential help.

This morning, I put a sign inside the house, on the front door, that says "C is at work... call ###"

He called, so it works for now.  Of course he called in the middle of my counseling session, but it worked.

My counselor thought it was brilliant. And that my natural manner of interaction with the Man was great. Was glad that my counselor validates how I can keep the Man going on an ongoing basis.

Have I mentioned that I hate dementia ?

Tonight, on top of confused moments, there was a shooting 5-6 blocks from our home. Helicopters have been circling for hours over our house. An officer is down, and the shooter is still out there.

Not supposed to happen in my little town, and corner of the world. Peraying peace for those involved, and their families.

...may ther be mercy and an end soon to manhunts...

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