Friday, August 18, 2006

random thoughts

Very random thoughts tonight.

Random thoughts part one:
It was a rough day. Gotta consider it rough when, at my desk at work, I've quietly said every curse word in the world except dropping an F-bomb... all before 8 a.m...

I hate days when I lose my cool, professional exterior like that. I just get angry with myself for the rest of the day.

Of course it also didn't help that after the particular thing happened that had me cursing like a drunken sailor on leave in a foreign port... I went to the ladies room (yeah, I know, like all that cursing was ladylike) and had a little cry because the thing that happened not only made me mad, it was hurtful.

I do not deserve to be treated in that manner and I'm glad I turned the situation over to my supervisor.

But... it's over. I'm movin' on from there and into my weekend.

Random thoughts part two:
Talked to KC this morning. She was bored out of her skull and wanted O-U-T of that hospital! We had some scheduling changes and were able to sign up for a quilting class for tomorrow. (more on that on random thoughts part three) She is still on for going to the class, so that's cool. We'll meet for breakfast and coffee and then go enjoy learning another aspect of quilting.

I'm just so relieved that she is okay after this allergic incident!

Will also be very glad when I hear from her husband after Monday's surgery.

Random thoughts part three:
My blessed father-in-law was approved to move into a fantastic apartment today. It's a low income senior community. Not assisted living... no nursing care... no meals prepared by a staff, it's a senior community. They have potlucks and social stuff, which is cool. He can go to the movie nights they set up if he wants. There is a game room which includes a pool table, and a computer room, and an exercise/workout room. All included and available for him if he wants to use them.

We have already moved some things into the apartment for him so it will feel like home each time he goes there. A lot of his stuff will be moved over the weekend. So some of the train stuff will be moved to another time... or my husband will have to go by himself to more of them. We are okay with that because this place is worth what it will cost in scheduling issues for us.

I haven't seen my father-in-law this excited about anything in years. To see his smile light up like it did today... definitely worth missing out on any kind of weekend time.

In case no one noticed it, I just adore my father-in-law!

Random thoughts part four:
Sleep... neeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeepp!!!

... may there be mercy on my random stuff.

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Jennifer Olwin said...

"may there be mercy on my random stuff"

Now there's a timeless line, right there. I love it. Random stuff has way more power over our lives than we ever give it credit for.

And I'm so sorry to hear that someone hurt you. I seriously do not get how the world can hold the hatefulness it does.

But you are a beautiful woman, a good friend, and a truly valiant lady. Even if you have to take a swearing break. Heck, most of us do on occasion.