Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm not sick, am I?

Started feeling cruddy this afternoon.

...ears ringing and full of pressure...
... head stuffy...
...chest congested and coughing...
...lots of "ugh/ick" and mucus... (eeeuuuwwww!)

...and now I'm pretty sure I'm actually sick. But I'm not quite ready to admit it yet.

I might not really be sick if I don't admit it. Right?

Until I know for sure, I'm going to bed. Sleep is a great curative.

...may there be mercy and this crud pass quickly.


Tina said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick :( and pouting that Shari gets to know about your blog and I don't :D.

I LOVE you lady! I'm glad to know that I can find you and hear how things are going for you anytime. It won't replace Wendy's, but it'll do.

auntie-c said...

Hey Tina -

I posted twice on your blog, honey! Not sure where they went, but thought that would tell you where to find me.

Glad you got a better job!

Pastor Paul said...

Reality bites! Sorry to hear you're sick. Finally figured out who you were. Shari woke up one morning and went, "Doesn't "Cxxxxxxxx" begin with a C? I slowly came out of my fog and confirmed it, then checked your blog. We knew it was you when we read about your mother-in-law (yeah, we went back a few for that one). E-mail Tina, and she can give you our e-mail address so I can really talk. Thanks for reconnecting. We miss your smiling face.