Monday, August 07, 2006

mission accomplished!

Thanks to my friend SuziQ, I have mastered the mess of making the links work.

It wasn't an easy task today since I've been covering another person's desk at work. That desk is a much faster pace than mine, and very high stress. So I'm exhausted tonight and feel a bit beaten up. This has potential to be a tough week and to test my commitment to avoid stress eating.

In spite of being exhausted, I really wanted to tackle this making links thing. I'm glad I did. Makes me feel a bit better that I was successful.

If I can be successful when exhausted and figure this out, then I can be successful tomorrow and keep that commitment to avoid stress eating.

So, thanks much Q... and for much more than the email directions on how to do this, dear friend - you rock!!!

... may there be mercy and rest for all of us tonight.

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SuziQoregon said...

OH! So THAT's what I did ;-) That was way back yesterday morning and I had totally forgotten by last night. Glad the stuff I sent helped.