Thursday, August 24, 2006

plans for rest

Head and chest are still congested, but I’ve reached the point wherein I think I’m going to survive. Been sleeping a lot, and only working 8 hour days this week. Yep, no overtime. We figured out that most of us at my office have been working some overtime each week for the last 4 years. No wonder we’re all exhausted and sick and crabby all the time.

I decided last Friday that I’d take a week off of the overtime and see how things go. I’m still quite behind at work, but it’s okay because my body and mind needed a break. I actually need a whole lot more of a break, but this is all I’m going to get for a while since my scheduled vacation is the week after Thanksgiving.

Will probably take next week as a “straight 8’s” week, too.

We decided that this weekend, while my husband goes seeking a particular steam train to photograph on Saturday, I’ll stay home. We both recognize that my body just won’t allow me to do anything more for a couple weeks. Between moving my father-in-law and being sick, both hitting on top of the combined stresses of losing my mother-in-law and recovering from surgery, I have crashed hard.

The plan is for me to just sleep as much as is humanly possible from Friday night to Monday morning. When I’m awake, I might do some quilting, reading or watch movies. Nothing big, the only allowed activities will be those that are very quiet and relaxing for me.

There are books and movies galore in this house. I’ve got a bunch of fabric all set up to start cutting out quilted placemats as Christmas gifts for my family. There are clean, fresh jammies ready for me to wear each day.

Have to say, I’m really looking forward to it!

…may there be mercy for true rest and refreshment in my downtime.


SuziQoregon said...

I'm so dang proud of you for taking care of YOU!!

Jennifer Olwin said...

May your rest be deep, sweet, relaxing, and healing, dear friend! I'll pray along those lines.