Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Have talked to Mama this morning. While his condition level has not changed from stable, big brother did not tolerate well all the things done to him yesterday. We talked about how he will have ups and downs and that right now he's on a down.

Tests showed two items of significance. The bacteria causing the septicemia is the MRSA version of staph. UGH! The source of the infection is deep in one of the valves of his heart, which is throwing "blocks" of infection into his brain. Double UGH! They told us that once he is over the septicemia infections, then they will have to replace that heart valve and maybe others. (if timing is right, then he will have heart surgery right about the time of his birthday)

He is so weak he can't do more than whisper, sometimes, in response to questions... and can't even lift his hand off the bed.

From something that big brother said to my sweet sister, there is some concern that he might be giving up. Mama is going to check that when she goes to see him later today.

The good report from yesterday is that his liver function is starting to come around "nicely" according to the doctors. We'll take any progress and good reports at this point!

Thanks for being here, sweet friends, and for all the prayers, care and love your pour into my life. My days are not complete without each of you.

...may there be mercy on the down days.

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