Sunday, March 04, 2007

stable condition!

Some of y'all have gotten an extended version of this in email, but this is today's update on big brother.

Wow.. what a great phone call. More of the story is beginning to be filled in on what exactly has happened with big brother.

But... the best news is that during the night, he was upgraded to Stable Condition. (Thank you, Lord for that answer... now for the answer on his eternity, please!!)

His vital signs are all good.

He is responding to questions, with appropriate answers! He has no memory of anything since Monday night when he went to bed... and is very confused why he is in the ICU and how it can be Sunday when in his mind, last night was Monday.

Today, he will be moved from one hospital to another... the one where he was when he had the aneurysm. (insurance reasons now that he is stable)

I told Mama that she'd better start making soup and goulash for him because he's gonna start yelling for "real" food by tonight.

Too bad the hospital lost his upper plate and it's going to be hard for him to eat until his wife can get a call in to his dentist!

We recognize that he is not totally out of the woods yet. But... he's turned around and headed in the right direction.

Once he gets to the other hospital and settled in, they will begin running tests to determine several things.

1. Source of infection for the septicemia and the endocarditis: was it actually his heart or was it from a cut on his hands. (He's always getting cuts and gouges on his hands at work)
2. Damage to internal organs from the infection: currently they know there is some liver damage and probably heart damage. They do not know exactly how much for either one and also need to continue evaluating the remaining organs for any signs of damage.
3. Brain lesions: yesterday's tests indicated lesions on his brain. They need to figure out exactly what those are... they could be several things. New brain bleed from the stress on his body... the infection attacked his brain... old lesions from the old aneurysm. More testing will give the answers we need.

We are just so thrilled with today's news that we are all crying... but it's the better kind of tears today.

Mama and big brother's wife both said to make sure y'all know how much they appreciate your prayers... and you know I am grateful as well.

...may there be mercy on his long recovery road.


sen5ei said...

praise God.

Jennifer Olwin said...

C, I just read this for the first time... haven't been on my computer all weekend. But my thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother and all your family.

A close family friend survived a brain aneurysm some years back, and lives still. I pray the same for your brother. And, as you say, for his eternity.

Love, Jenna