Wednesday, March 14, 2007

more setbacks

Big brother is not in skilled nursing, he's still in the hospital. They are still scanning him from stem to stern to determine what is wrong.

There is some thinking that he might have had another stroke. Nothing definite yet.

I continue to surrender him to God's care because I have this awful tendency to try to take him back... as if me worrying would be helpful or something.

The entire family is exhausted, both physically and emotionally, with this rollercoaster of being given small steps of hope then crashing down with each setback. Knowing that any single setback could take him from us is a very hard place in which to live.

...may there be mercy in healing for big brother and rest for my family.


Judy said...

continuing to hold your big bro in the light, ~c...


Jennifer Olwin said...

still praying...

with love,