Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a good report!

Just got off the phone with Mama. Good report this morning! Big brother is responsive and interactive in conversation... and is starting to complain about being in the hospital! Yay!

He's also royally ticked off that they lost his upper plate in the process of saving his life, which cracks me up. He's very glad they saved his life, but he wants his teeth back!

Today will be a LOT of very big tests that I don't understand, but will give a better picture of what is going on inside his poor body. One of the tests is something Mama thinks is called a T.E.E., that goes inside his heart to see if it is the source of the infection for the septicemia. Translating from the doctor to Mama and big brother's wife to me, sometimes all the info doesn't get all the way to me, but at least it tells me enough that I can start Googling and figure out the rest... or call my buddy who is a nurse!

They have been told that he will be in the hospital for at least 6 weeks, probably longer.

There are a bunch of behind the scenes details that I cannot share here in public forum... but need a boatload of work to fix and manage on big brother's behalf... Mama and big brother's wife have to do all of it and it's not going easily for them with all the privacy laws. I've reminded them that since he is now coherent and can understand what he is signing, they need to get a Power of Attorney signed right away. Prayers for those details would also be appreciated.

...may there be mercy and small damage to big brother's body.

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