Tuesday, March 20, 2007

reconsidered surgery

Mama didn't call until 5:30 today. Most of the day I was fine and in the "no news is good news" mode. Parts of the day, well, I wasn't in such a good mindset. But for most of the day I was able to remain in prayer for our family without trying to take back control. A victory of sorts for me.

Apparently the doctors decided that doing vertebrae replacement is just far, far too risky to do at this time. They will not do surgery for this... the loss of some of the motion/use of big brother's right arm will not kill him, so he may just have to live with that after all this is over.

Later, after big brother is better, they will discuss doing this surgery.

For now we're back on to the brain abscess and hoping that the antibiotics will start shrinking it... so they don't have to go in there and deal with it.

Staying in "no news is no news or good news" mode. Mama will call again tomorrow with an update... but if there isn't any "news" or big stuff happening, it could be late in the day again.

...may there be mercy and rest as I wait, held tightly in my Father's arms.

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