Friday, June 16, 2006

Time off for good behavior

Well, it's vacation time and we've already had the "packing fight". We do this every time we go away... a little bit of a bicker/fight thing so that it's all out of our systems and we can enjoy our time away from home. I don't know why we do it... or why it seems to help our vacations go well... but we do. Neither of us likes it, but it seems to happen every single time we pack to go away for a few days.

Glad this one was short and over with quickly!

We're going to Victoria, BC in the morning. Have to be back in time for Tuesday's mammo, but until then, the lump doesn't exist. We've got our cameras packed and we are going to have fun.

We sooo need it.

Everything is ready to go. We just need a good night's sleep.

May there be mercy on our sleep and on our time away...

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