Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm dense

Still no answers after the mammo and ultrasound today. Feels a lot like a wasted morning, but in the regulations of health insurance, it's another step in the process.

Me, my doctor, the radiologist, the mammography technician, the ultra sound technician... Everyone can feel the lump. The dang thing just will not show up on any of the images.

Apparently I'm dense. I'd forgotten that over the years between lumps.

Even though I'm a small busted woman, the tissue is very dense and tightly compacted. So the lump doesn't show up through all that tissue. It's there, we can all feel it, but it won't show.

The doc today thought she was saying something great when she told me that she didn't see anything scary... but the best option is to have it out.

Well, hell's bells, lady. You can't even SEE the scary part, so how can you tell me it isn't scary??? If it was in her body, she just might think it was a little scary. And on the having it out... well, duh!!!

The surgical consult on July 10th feels like it's a long time away. I keep wondering if there will be a cancellation sooner.

So... we continue to wait and wonder. And while we wait and wonder, we hope and pray.

May there be mercy...

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