Sunday, June 04, 2006

a quiet day

Didn't feel great today, so I didn't do much. Just feeling a bit of the exhaustion that usually indicates I'm anemic. Good thing I've got a doctor's appointment soon.

Worked on a pillow for my goddaughter's newly re-done bedroom. It's quite pretty, if I say so myself.

Had to laugh when my honey came in to see what I was doing. He tells me that I've made some pretty color choices...

...then tells me the pattern looks like a B-2 bomber!

I'm pretty sure that was a compliment. If it looks like a train or an airplane, he usually likes it. I just laughed.

Too tired to do much more today. There's a Rosemary Pork Roast in the oven and my house smells wonderful. Glad that's a simple meal to fix.

Early bedtime and back to work tomorrow.

May there be mercy on our rest tonight...

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