Thursday, June 01, 2006

Surprises for my Goddaughter

My Goddaughter is graduating from Middle School next week.

How did I get so old? It seems much too fast for her to be old enough for this.

At times, it still feels like it was just last week when she was born. I remember getting the call that her mom was in labor...

...and the later call that she had been born...

...and then how we spent that night crying out to God, praying that she would live.

She wasn't breathing when she was born. It took most of the night for her to breathe on her own.

We all still have nightmares about that night.

And yet, here she is, a young lady ready to face High School. How did I get so old???

As a surprise, tomorrow her mother and I are re-doing her bedroom. Our own version of "While You Were Out." My Goddaughter is away at a campout with school, so we can move furniture and put new things in there and make it a wonderful surprise for her.

She has always wanted a daybed, but since her room doubles as the guest room, she has not gotten what she wanted. A daybed just won't sleep 2 adults! Her mother found a gorgeous daybed that has a trundle, turning it into a king-sized bed. Cool!

Last week, both her room and her brother's room were freshly painted. Since her mother gets the painting bug frequently, this didn't give away anything.

Early tomorrow, we'll start moving furniture, move on to putting up shelves, and finish with accessorizing and adding all the fun stuff.

Then the bigger surprises come. Her grandmother, who lives in Florida, is coming to the graduation. This is a huge deal, and the "why" it is a huge deal is not today's topic. It's just a big deal at this time.

Next Saturday, my friend and my goddaughter will have a Mother/Daughter day. The day will end when Grandma calls to say her plane has landed... and they pick her up at the airport.

Recently, my friend made a quilt for another friend of ours. My goddaughter fell in love with the fabric... and was really pissed that this quilt was not for her! This kid has no idea that her mother got more of that fabric and has spent the last 2 months making a quilt for her. It's amazing and gorgeous and I can't wait for the graduation so she can see it!

Now I've got to get on the stick and get something made for her grad gift. Good thing I've got a week and some good ideas...

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