Thursday, June 01, 2006

current projects

It's been several days since I've been able to get to my sewing machine. Just been too exhausted to even turn it on, let alone try to work with fabric and be all creative.

And yet there is still this need in me to get some project in process! So...

Tonight's project was a simple one. My father-in-law needed a rice bag for his back. Four simple straight lines to sew and fill the bag with rice. Nothing difficult, and yet it filled a part of that need in me.

My last project was a set of placemats for a precious friend. She couldn't find any in the colors she wants, so she asked me to be on the lookout for the right colors of fabrics for her. Took a while to find 'em - 4 fabric stores checked frequently over 2 months - but finally, one had everything.

Found the fabric, but had 3 other projects that had time sensitive deadlines. Two weddings and Mother's Day. This last weekend, I finally got to those placemats... and I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

My friend is thrilled, too.

Now to find some time this weekend to spend quilting... and a new project to enjoy!

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