Wednesday, October 10, 2007

rock 'n' roll!!!

I've spent the day doing a bit of pampering myself with manicure, pedicure and hair appointments. Feeling pretty good on the spiffy-o-meter.

Now I'm packed and ready to relax with a good night's sleep before I head to St. Louis in the morning. At least I'm supposed to sleep... I'm too excited at this point! Getting to see so many of my friends, in person, at the same time is amazing. The anticipation has been huge. The fun and laughter will most likely be non-stop.

But I need to sleep tonight!

So I'll mention my 3BT for today and go try to bring myself down from the rafters.

1. The joy in my sweet father-in-law's voice when I asked him for a breakfast date for tomorrow, followed by a ride to our airport shuttle. When he feels needed, it's a lovely thing.
2. Red, orange and gold leaves. The colors just popped out at me today and took my breath.
3. Watching an autistic man in his determination to do a good job where he works.

I'm off... in rock 'n' roll mode... and going to bring myself down... until morning!

...may there be mercy as we all travel... and fun!

1 comment:

sen5ei said...

"you go girl" kick off those heels! No wait that wouldn't be you, find the highest pair and really just kick them up!