Wednesday, October 24, 2007

another round

I have a pain in the neck.

No, I'm not being a pain in the neck... I have one!

I know some were thinking it and can guess pretty accurately which ones of you that would be!

About 2 months ago, I slept wrong and woke with my neck hurting. It got progressively worse. I paid for a deep tissue massage, which helped for about 24 hours... and then the pain was back, equally bad. After another 2 weeks of trying to get it to settle down by self care, I finally broke down and went to the doctor.

Verdict: arthritis flare up.

Arthritis??? Isn't that for old people? Oh... yeah... guess I am heading toward 50 at a rapid rate!

So they sent me to physical therapy, twice a week for a month. Today is the last treatment and then I go back to the doc next week. Sadly not seeing much progress in pain relief. I'm dreading the doc appointment because I expect to be told that there isn't much to be done, just learn to live with the chronic pain... again.

Battling chronic pain is not a pleasant task. It is exhausting and it can be discouraging. When life is on an “up” cycle, with health going fairly well all around, I forget exactly how exhausting chronic pain can be. Especially since I've done well for several years now.

But battle I will.

...may there be mercy and rest in the battle.


Karen :) said...

(((~c))) I am right there with you!

Don't accept the chronic pain verdict just yet. There are other treatments that might help! Steroid epidurals, for one, can help the inflammation and get things to settle down for a pretty good while if successful.

Hang in there!

sen5ei said...

ouch! and I agree with Karen don't accept the chronic pain verdict. we nned to get together again soon