Sunday, October 14, 2007


Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Yep, singing because it was such a great time in St. Louis with my amazing friends. We laughed and ate our way around.

Notice I did not mention sleep. Mostly because we didn't do much of it!

Too tired for stories tonight. Will give my 3BT for today and go to a very early bedtime.

1. The look in the eyes of a newlywed couple on my flight home.
2. The gravelly sound of the retired cop's voice as we talked on the shuttle.
3. The welcome home hug from my sweet husband.

...may there be mercy and rest tonight that refreshes.


sen5ei said...

i like the fact used the word spiffy myself today

Anne Bradshaw said...

Spiffy sounds like a little bit of olde England :-) Is this a Brit blog?

auntie-c said...

Not a Brit here... Mama says things like that. But I have probably picked up some great terminology from my precious Brit friend, too.