Monday, July 30, 2007

under consideration

Church yesterday was interesting. Our pastor is challenging us to consider starting our own ministry. Not a church or even necessarily a big thing... just to find something that interests you and where God can work through you.

Some of the things he mentioned were to:

Start with praying about what that thing might be.

Don't get ahead of God in what or how he wants to do this.

Talk with others to get feedback on your idea.

Organize and plan.

Consider the cost of what you are wanting to do... not just the money, even though that is important. But also the time and energy needed to continue the ministry.

So as our pastor is talking yesterday, all I can think is how to bring my quilting into ministry. I know that it's possible to do... there is a great ministry out there already called Prayers and Squares.

Ministry for me would be to start a Prayers and Squares Chapter at my church... if God and I can come to terms with a few things like time and money!

...may there be mercy as I prayerfully consider how to minister.


SuziQoregon said...

Fabulous idea!!

Karen :) said...

Sounds like a wonderful ministry for you!