Tuesday, August 07, 2007

internet woes

So... I'm sitting in my truck, typing madly trying to check email and also check on y'all.

Why am I sitting in my truck to do this???

Oh... yeah... internet issues at home. DSL line is too old for the new modem we needed. Will take up to 10 days to get switched over. Cable lines are too old and still have filters on them to prevent us from "stealing" their worthless HBO channel. These filters also blok us being able to use the cable internet that we signed up to get. So that will take a service call to fix - which is also a several days wait.


Thankfully my church has a coffee shop with FREE wi-fi. So... if the church has a coffee shop with free wi-fi, why am I sitting in my truck typing? Why don't I go inside and have a nice cuppa, sitting at a nice table doing this?

Sadly, for 2 days now the gal hasn't shown up to make the coffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... yikes!

Hope she's okay!

At least I can check on y'all and get email from just outside the door of the church, eh?

...may there be mercy and peace with what we have.

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