Monday, August 27, 2007


Apparently we dropped through the cracks. At least that is what the DSL people are telling us. But they only got us back online because I stopped into their local store and raised ho-ly-hellllll with them for the amount of time that we have been off line.

I did it in a very nice way, and very quietly so the other customers in the store didn't have a real clue what was happening. But ho-ly-helllll was raised and it looks like that was what it took to get things fixed.


Now we have to get the air conditioning fixed on the truck because that went out 3 days ago and no matter what setting we put it on, it blows massive hot air at us.

Oh well. I'm just glad to have soe progress being made.

Gotta check out what's been happening with all my normal stuff now. Will write a real blog soon.

...may there be mercy and a very cheap fix for the truck!


SuziQoregon said...

Give 'em Hell ~C!! Hope the truck is an easy and inexpensive fix!


sen5ei said...

wondered where in the cracks of cyberspace you had fallen