Thursday, July 19, 2007

what's your bra size?

So... I'm guessing you are already wondering why I am asking the bra size question. We'll get to it shortly!

Yesterday I did the first portion of the Sestamibi test. And yes, the exercise portion actually DOES get a person to the seventh level of hell where they inect said person with glow-in-the-dark juice and then make same said person continue exercising for a full minute.

It was not fun and if you know me, you know that I really, really like the fun part and really, really hate the exercise part.

The funniest part of the entire day was walking into the treadmill test room and having the tech ask me my bra size. Yep, they gotta know bra size in order to know how much density the camera has to read before getting to the heart... so I told her it was a negative A and that my bra fits better when worn backward. She cracked up.

The technology for the pictures of the heart is pretty cool. Too bad I couldn't see anything since the screen was directly above my head.

Today I went back for the resting portion of the pictures. Don't eat for 4 hours, go have them inject more glow-in-the-dark juice (this time in the other arm so I now have a matching set of bruises), now I am instructed not only to eat, but to eat fatty food. Okay this part cracked me up royally. Doctor's orders to go eat a hamburger and fries or candy bar or ice cream. Right on!! Can I get this doctor for my regular doc?? Oh... that's why I had to lose 50 pounds before. Never mind. Anyway, apparently the fat makes the glow-in-the-dark juice go to the correct places in the body and avoid others. Interesting stuff.

Don't know anything yet because these guys had really good poker faces. Guess I'll have to wait until next Wednesday for my results.

While I am waiting for those results, I continue to keep my leg propped up everywhere I go. The staph infection is healing, but slowly. It's a pain in the backside to keep it propped up at work, (went back to work yesterday afternoon) but there are folks who are willing to be Step-n-Fetchit for me. And it makes my boss happy that I am there, so that's a good thing.

Now to have this dang thig healed up completely would be way cool.

My doctor put the fear of all things into me when he diagnosed this infection. He actually told me that if things go bad, they will be exceedingly bad. The "least" bad thing is that I could lose my leg. The worst bad thing is that I could end up like my precious big brother and have septicimia and/or endocarditis. The thought of any of those things is truly keeping me on the straight and narrow where this is concerned.

In all of this keeping my leg elevated and not being able to run around like I want to do, I have to admit being grateful for several people.

My co-worker who keeps coming by to see if I need anything picked up and brought to me or delivered to anyone in the office.

My dear friends who have been sending cards and making calls to keep me cheerful.

My lovely father-in-law who runs errands for me.

My sweet husband who has been waiting on me at home.

...may there be mercy for healing and blessings on those who have given me the gift of the sacrifice of service.

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Karen :) said...

Praying for GOOD results from these tests! LOL on the bra fitting better backwards! At least they don't have much to "read" through! :P