Monday, July 23, 2007

freaky things

Some days I wonder about this crazy body of mine. It works just well enough to keep me going, but does freaky things periodically. As evidenced by my last few blogs about health issues, now is apparently one of those times.

While my leg has been healing from the staph infection, my doc told me that I had to go back if I was not 100% today. Having residual redness and a little tenderness this morning, that equates not being 100%. Went back and the doc says that while the "blush" color may take a little time to go away, the tenderness requires a few more days of antibiotics. Easy treatment, so that's good.

While I was there, we had a good discussion about all my heart testing and results. My test results show that my heart is doing well. The mitral valve is apparently acting up a little bit, so we'll watch that. It is not even close to a stage requiring surgery... and I really don't want to take medications yet, so he agreed with me to let it be a watch and wait time.

Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) can sometimes cycle into play and cycle right back out again. That has happened before, although never before to the level of symptoms as in this go round.

...may there be mercy and this cycle settle back down quickly!

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