Thursday, July 20, 2006

relief and gratitude

It is NOT cancer!!! Hallelujah! I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed that the news is good. I told my sweet husband tonight that I was certain that this time, we would not dodge the cancer bullet. That it would finally be a reality for us.

I’ve been on the verge of tears ever since I left Dr. M’s office. Just pure relief and gratitude.

Funny story on today’s doctor visit…

Dr. M tells me the good news. Then wants to look at the incision site to make sure I’m healing well. Flips open the gown, grins, flips the gown shut and says...

“Somebody beat the crap outta you!”

He then grins again when my husband asked him if Dr M had had a fight with his wife last Friday!

I’m sitting there just cracking up at the two of them teasing each other and me about how bruised I am at this stage of healing.

He finally takes a real look and says I’m healing, keep doing what I’m doing, etc…. and to go enjoy my summer.

And... friends have told me that they knew it would be fine and not cancer all along. Well, they may have known this was not going to be cancer, but I sure didn't know it! Not after the way the docs all looked (and what they said) after they each first felt the lump.

I told my husband that even after Dr. M showed me the pathology report and explained it all, it still didn't sink in to me that it really was not cancer until he was walking out the door saying that we should go enjoy our summer.

Even then it didn't really hit until about an hour later when all I wanted to do was cry from relief, but had to hold it in because I was already back at work.

Let the healing continue… and we are so thankful for this mercy…

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