Saturday, July 15, 2006

post surgery

In some ways, yesterday was as bad as it usually is for a surgery day and in others, it was a lot better.

Firstly, Dr. M says the lump looks good for now. Yay! Will know more when the final pathology report comes in and I see him on Thursday for post-surgery check up.

I was some sick after we got home, but today the nausea is gone. That's an improvement.

Pain was unmanageable for a while, which sucked, but today is much better.

Swelling was horrible and is still pretty bad. Gives a whole new meaning to being lopsided. Can’t believe that one side is really me… it’s HUGE! Well, huge for me anyway.

Yep, left breast is a normal, wishing to be an A cup size. The right breast is probably around a smaller C cup size now. Yesterday afternoon, it had gotten to about a B and a half, which is pretty normal swelling after surgery. By midnight, I think it actually hit a D and was terribly painful. Thankfully this morning it was back on the way down.

The bruising is horrible and ugly… and will be even worse tomorrow. Bad enough that I’m not sure that I’ll be able to hide it on Monday when I return to work. Might have to tell my co-workers that I wasn’t sick and why I was really out of the office on Friday. We’ll see. Still hoping to find something in my closet that I can wear that will hide all the bruising.

And maybe all the green stuff will have come off my skin by then, too. They used some weird cleanser on me since I’m allergic to iodine and they can’t use betadine then. Betadine will turn the skin orange, but this other cleanser turned my skin a bright green. Oh yeah, from my chin to my belly button, I’m green. Much of it has washed off, but there is still an undertone of green to my skin that is just not an attractive color for me.

Oh, and then there is the place where Dr. M used a sharpie to make sure he operated on the correct/right breast! A sharpie! He wrote and “R” and his initials under it. Unfortunately, that can still be seen, looking like a tattoo, just about level with my armpit… which is horrifically still green.

Are we having fun yet?

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