Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mornings at the river

Every morning, I drive across the bridge to get to work. Several years ago, I noticed that the sunrise over the river was particularly glorious. Every single day since then, when I hit a certain mid-way point in the crossing, I look to the east to see what how beautiful the river is at sunrise.

Some mornings, it’s all misty grays and smoky fog. Others there is a fabulous blue sky and the pinks careen off the clouds as the sun comes up behind the hills.

No matter what, all of it is reflected in the water of the slow moving river.

I have a concept idea of taking my camera each day for a year. I’d take it to the exact same spot each day and take pictures. Just to show what glory there is in each day of creation.

It’s a concept for my own pleasure… something for me and God to reflect back on and enjoy together.

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