Friday, December 08, 2006


This morning, on the spur of the moment... or maybe at the gentle prodding of my Heavenly Father... I called my friend to ask him if he had plans for lunch.

My almost-brother who introduces me to others as the "sister he never wanted."

My friend for whom I've been praying mercy and peace in his time of distress.

It was an intense conversation. Everything in his life seems to be falling apart. His pain is very real.

He talked about everything with me. His face would turn red from his efforts to hide his tears from me. But he talked.

... and admitted that he had planned for suicide.

... and that he is seeking professional help to get past it.

We had a long talk. Long enough that I was late returning to work. But I didn't care about that. Time can be made up at work. Encouraging this friend was more important.

But most important was the promise he gave me - that he would call me or someone if he got to his breaking point again.

My heart breaks for him...

... may there be mercy, healing and peace for my friend, my almost-brother.

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Judy said...

I'll be holding your friend in the light C. I'm very glad he has someone like you to lean on.