Friday, December 29, 2006

empty room

The cluttered sewing room is empty of everything save this computer. Walls have been spackled. Still need to vacuum... in the morning.

Morning will see me up early to see my sweet husband off to work. Then it's a fast shower, several cups of coffee and back to work.

Gotta tape off the whole room, shut down this computer, cover it with a drop cloth and then add enough drop cloths to protect my carpet.

One coat tinted primer, two coats color. KC and I can do that tomorrow easily. Still can't believe she is giving up her birthday weekend to do this room makeover with me.

Yep, tomorrow is KC's birthday. She doesn't know it, but I've made a quilt for her. It's a quilt that is all about friendship. More on that another time and in my quilt blog. Too tired right now!

Sunday will see us back at work putting together furniture and loading everything back into this room.

Monday... I'll start sewing again on a project just for me. After all the stuff I made for others for Christmas and December birthdays, it's my turn!

...may there be mercy and joy in friendship as we paint.

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