Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a quilt for father-in-law

Been busy cutting out the pieces for a quilt for my wonderful father-in-law. And already I'm very pleased with how this one is going to turn out.

My father-in-law, or FIL, is an amazing man. He has taught me much over the years, and I'm certain he has no idea how much I've learned from him.

Mostly I've learned about how to truly love someone who has become very unlovely. (I still hate Alzheimers.)

But I've also learned a lot about how to enjoy what I have... about generosity... about joy in small things... about perseverance... contentment... planning for what I will do in 20 years, even if I was over 80 years old... staying young no matter my age... learning something all the time...oh, how the list can go on!

Last year, FIL gave me this very cool quilting, sewing and embroidery machine. And then I exploded into the world of quilts, quickly falling headlong into a love affair with fabric and stitching that will last me the rest of my life. And FIL has been encouraging me every step of the way. He praises my every effort and rejoices for the person who will receive the current "masterpiece".

It's time he got to be the recipient.

I've been planning this all year, but only found the pattern I liked enough to make for his quilt a few weeks ago. Found it while I still could not quilt and had my wrist in that splint. Didn't matter that I could not actually do the work at that time, the picture zinged in my head and screamed, "make this one for FIL!!!"

So... fabric has been chosen and cut. I've started sewing pieces together. And thankfully there is a quilting retreat this weekend so I can get it done fast. Hiding my projects from him is hard!

...may there be mercy and he get to enjoy this quilt for a long time.


booklogged said...

Came over from SuziQ's blog. I love quilting, too. Would love to see the quilt your making FIL.

auntie-c said...

Will definitely post a picture when it's done. Hopefully that will be next week!