Sunday, October 08, 2006

needs, wants, quilting and camera

Weekends fly by too quickly for me. There is just too much I need to do that interferes with what I want to do.

It’s that whole need vs. want thing cropping up again.

I need to get my house more in order. I want to spend all my non-work time quilting or playing with my new camera. Hmmmm… wonder which one is getting done?

Hahahahahahahahaha! Quilting and camera, of course!

And need vs. want is a topic for another day.

Friday was a very hard day covering that other desk. It wasn’t supposed to be too bad at this time of month, but it was. Glad I don’t have to cover that one for another couple weeks… and hoping that day isn’t equally as bad!

Yesterday I slept until 9… which was very good for me. I soooo needed that! Dinked around the whole morning while my sweet husband was at work. We had arranged to have him come home for lunch if the work was going to last long enough to require a lunch period. It did. Yikes! When he called to let me know, I hadn’t even gotten a shower or out of my jammies yet!

Race to start his lunch, jump in the shower while it was doing the beginning of cooking, throw on clothes, (no makeup or drying hair!) set the table, finish cooking lunch… he walks in the door. Enjoy lunch; send him back to work and start quilting for a while.

After he finished work, we ran a couple errands and went to a waterfront park up in Bellingham. Very cool… fun place for playing with my new camera!

Of course we had chosen that spot because it was on the way to our friends home where we were going to have dinner.

Lovely dinner with great conversation, wonderful food and wine… and just enjoying a long-term relationship.

Today was a good day.

With all our running around the last few weeks, we haven’t been to church for a few Sundays. Sermon was on a good topic and held my interest well. Been thinking on that one all day.

And it was really good to see my friend, having enough time to really visit over lunch after worshipping together. (Thanks sen5ei, for taking the time to drive up here so we could enjoy such a great time.)

And yes, I’ve quilted this afternoon. Another step in the process of the 36 placemats I need to complete for Christmas gifts… and all the fabrics chosen for a quilt for my amazing father-in-law.

Actually, his gift is the only one that really matters to me if it gets completed in time for Christmas. Anything else can be late.

This week… overtime, of course. Hoping to join a Quilting Retreat on Friday that will be already in process. It’s another group that I do not know the women, but it just might work out for me and KC to join them for the weekend. We’ll see. If so, I’ll spend the entire time working on my father-in-law’s quilt… and hoping I get it done!

Nothing terribly interesting in all that, just a quick synopsis of the last few days.

I still need to work on my house. But I want to quilt.

…may there be mercy as my needs are met… and a little of my wants, too.

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Jennifer Olwin said...

Hi, C! I'm impossibly disorganized, I guesss... could have sworn I had your email address in my Outlook, but apparently that's not the case. And I may be able to track down your phone number, but I haven't found it yet. Sunday the 22nd works for me, though! Let's get in touch, one way or another :-)

Thank you, too, for the sweet comment you left me. It encouraged me so much! I'm looking forward to seeing you.