Thursday, October 05, 2006

a little overload, a bit of random

At this point, I'm overloaded and cannot wait for the weekend to arrive. Tomorrow I've got to cover a desk that I do not enjoy at all... but I'm the only person in the office that knows how to back up this particular job. Ugh! So my own desk gets a little more behind.

Thankfully my Q-friend has kept me sane most days with funny email conversations about our day-to-day stuff. Thanks Q-friend. You rock.

Saturday I'm sleeping until I cannot sleep another minute. Then I'll do some house cleaning, but I am soooo setting a timer. Noon hits, I'm eating lunch and spend the entire afternoon quilting.

Sunday will be a time of refreshment with church and brunch with a friend. We do not get nearly enough time together, so it will be good for me. I will totally enjoy conversation and down time with her.

At some point this weekend, I'm going to take my new toy... a new camera that was a gift from my sweet father-in-law... out for a REAL test drive.

Waaaaay cool.

Have I mentioned that I adore my father-in-law? I would adore him even if he didn't give me lovely gifts. He just happens to consider me one of his kids, so he includes me when he gives lovely gifts to his biological children.

It's fun for me and I know he enjoys spoiling us all a bit.

Last weekend was very cool. Spending time with our friends, their son and his new bride was a blast. It's very funny, but the new bride has many of my attributes. I took it as a great compliment that he admired some things about me and wanted them in his bride.

Hoping for good sleep tonight. I've been on the edge of tears all day and no real reason for it that I can think of... just a bit of an emotional mess right now.

Too much happening here... and too much that needs to happen here that I don't have time to accomplish.

Tonight's mercy is a repeat for Jenna... because sometimes it's just what we need, eh? Definitely calling her for a long overdue coffee time soon.

...may there be mercy on my random stuff.


sen5ei said...

is this the desk I know about? Camera? what kind?

auntie-c said...

Nah... not my own desk, was covering for someone on vacation today.

Will tell you more about the new camera on Sunday.

It's way cool. Way, waaaaaaaaay cool.