Friday, September 02, 2005


My husband is far more tenderhearted than he lets anyone know. It peeks out when someone he loves is ill… and it didn’t just peek out this week, that tender heart roared out.

He has had a special bond with our cats. It was horrible when RowdyGirl died and this week was equally awful as we contemplated letting Squeakers go.

Yesterday’s time at the vet seemed to confirm that she was just too sick and we were going to have to say goodbye. She had a raging infection, a collapsed lung and a huge tumor where her right kidney should be.

The doc was concerned about that tumor more than anything… and really wanted a radiologist to look over the x-rays. I didn’t see any reason to prolong our agony, or hers.

My sweet husband just could not say the words to let her go. So, we let the vet send the x-rays to the radiologist and left Squeakers complaining loudly at the vet’s office… IV fluids and antibiotics going.

I cannot believe that we got such a huge reprieve today… the tumor is not cancer! Her kidney is calcified, but the other one functions perfectly normally. The antibiotics are working already.

Squeakers is home! Complaining about being taken to THAT place, but she is home.

I am just so happy to hear her complaining right now that I can’t tell her to hush. Complain away, my kitty, complain away… you’re home.

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