Monday, September 12, 2005

Completed Project

My first quilt is now a completed project. Tomorrow I'll hang it on my wall. Tonight, I sit and enjoy looking at how pretty it turned out.

I didn't think I'd ever take up quilting. Never thought I had the patience for a hobby that took so much time to actually complete something.

Rubber stamping, there's a hobby for someone who is into instant gratification! Stamp the designs on paper and voila! Instant greeting card. Stamp the design on a candle and voila! Instant gift. Stamp the design on my wall and voila! Instant re-decorating.

Still love rubber stamping, but for years now I have missed sewing projects.

I discovered that I have always had the patience for quilting. For pity's sake, I used to make bridesmaid's and wedding dresses! If those don't take patience to make, I don't know what does.

It really had to do with my desire to learn the art of quilting. Now that I have the desire... and a completed project under my belt... I can hardly wait to take a class to learn how many mistakes I made and how to do it better next time.

I'm tired tonight. But my quilt is done and I feel good.


SuziQoregon said...

and it's gorgeous :-)

Eleanor said...

I'm so proud of you I could SPIT.