Sunday, May 05, 2013

short and sweet

The last 2 blog posts were terribly long. That's not going to become the norm here. Only at times!

This post is just to show I can write something short and sweet. :-)

Today we went on an old style Sunday drive. Cameras in hand, letting adventure and whimsy take us where it would.

We discovered that there is a little, old cemetery nearby. It's a few miles down a back country road, hidden from mainstream traffic. Some of the headstones are hard to read, but on closer inspection I find birth dates in the 1800's.

I get lost in the names, the dates and the making up of their stories in my head.

Finding myself talking to some of them, asking what happened in their short lives.

Wondering how they lived so long in times much different than these.

Since the Man was waiting for me, I said an early good bye, with a promise to return soon.

...may there be mercy in marking of the history of lives gone before.

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