Saturday, May 11, 2013

a little this, a little that

Random thoughts...

work:  I have finished training our new Recording Clerk. She's bright, has experience with documents, well organized, detail oriented and is rockin' the job. Already she works on her own for hours at a time, only asking me a couple questions here and there. It's awesome to be able to do my own job full time again!

Well, full time and then some as I've been working quite a bit of overtime trying to get a handle on how far behind my desk got while I covered the other job so much. Between vacations, (mine and the now retired person's), sick time and Fridays, there were quite  few weeks this year wherein I only worked my own desk a couple days a week. Those days would be spent putting out fires, but not making any headway into the mess.

I'll work a little more overtime during the next 10 days, but then I'll take a break.

vacation:  yes, one week at the end of this month and two weeks in July. Not to mention the week at the end of the year. Happy!!  Officially, I get 3 weeks per year, plus one personal day. Since I generally butt my vacation time up against holidays, I can end up with the appearance of 4 weeks of time off. Sweet, really sweet.

This month, I'll have a combination of down time and a brief surprise visit to see Mama. It's fun to surprise her. Plan is to have my sister distract her, then I'll knock on the door and ask if she has the coffee on. Can't wait!

the Man:  also working overtime, which makes time together even more precious. His birthday is next week, but he hasn't mentioned any particular gifts of interest. We may just go for nice dinner next weekend. I may find him something fun at the Train Museum in San Diego. He may actually come up with something. Who knows? At least we still like hanging out together, eh?

family: am quite concerned about brothers, and for each of them in a different way. Al just turned 63, but a recent picture of him shocked me at how much older than that he appears. Jerry isn't yet fully recovered from his accident last year. Buddy is a walking skeleton looking for his next drug fix.   There are days that I wonder if any of them will make it to see Christmas this year. 

Deb is working at a new job and loving it. So happy for her! Mama is struggling with the issues of being elderly with bankruptcy and post-cancer treatments. 

me:  today, I'm tired. Lack of sleep, which feels all too common right now, combined with the overtime and a lot of emotion. I'm actually doing okay, with the exception of not making enough time for taking better care of myself. I've skipped my workouts for about 10 days now, not good for my physical or emotional health. Tomorrow I go back to working out when I get up. Although the getting up time will be much later than my usual 5 a.m. 

And I'm wishing for more time to be knitting.

...may there be mercy and comfort in the random, normal bits of life.

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